Flash Storage

External USB Card Readers

Name Description Price
AT-VCR-448 Astrotek VCR-448 External 85-in-1 USB Card Reader, Black Colour, SD,SDHC,MS,MMC,XD,CF,M2,T-Flash, Compact Flash card $17.60
AT-VCR-621 Astrotek VCR-621 External 85-in-1 USB 3.0 Card Reader, Super speed 5.0Gbps, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MS, MMC, XD, CF, M2, TFlash $25.00
AT-WCR-200 Astrotek Portable WiFi USB Card Reader for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone, PCs and Laptops, Access Your Data Wireless via iOS and Android app $66.00

Internal Card Readers

Name Description Price
UGT-CR960 Vantec UGT-CR960 Multi-Memory Internal Card Reader $27.00
UGT-CR935 Vantec UGT-CR935 USB 3.0 Multi-Memory Internal Card Reader $35.00